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Introducing Music (and its Benefits) to Your Child

Music is one of the healthiest endeavours a child can immerse themselves in. It enriches their brain, their abilities, their skills, and overall, their life! Here are five simple ways to implement music into your child’s life so that they can experience all the wonders and benefits of music:

1. Start playing music around your child while you're pregnant and continue to do so after they are born.

2. Sing lots of songs together, especially interactive ones.

3. Engage in fun musical activities with your child (musical chairs, hot potato, playing instruments (including safe and simple objects in your household, such as a spatula and a pot for a drum set). Here's a link to my kid and I having our drum party:

4. Have dance parties! Kids love to dance, and adults secretly do too :)

5. Attend family-friendly concerts with your child, such as symphonies. If concerts aren’t available in your area, you can always search for recorded concerts on YouTube and watch them with your child.

By implementing these simple steps into your child’s life, your little one will be exposed to the wonderful joys and benefits of music.

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